Choosing the Right Type of Moving Service for Your Machinery or Heavy Equipment

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Transporting machinery and heavy-duty equipment is not like shipping boxes and other standard freight. Chances are your machinery cannot fit in the back of a standard panel truck, and it may be too heavy to be moved by such a truck. In that case, you'll need to decide on another type of moving service for your machinery. The service you choose will depend on the type of equipment and how easily it can be transported, but it also will depend on a few other factors as well. Note a few of those factors here so you can choose the best type of moving service for your machinery.

1. Flatbeds

A flatbed truck is a very common method of moving machinery and equipment, but it does have its drawbacks. One is that the bed of the truck itself needs to be strong enough to carry the weight of the machinery. This would mean the bed itself needs to be thick enough to carry the weight and that the tires, too, will be large enough and that there are enough tires to disperse the weight between them.

Putting your machinery on a flatbed truck will also mean lifting it so that it can be pulled onto the bed. Depending on the type of machinery and equipment, this can cause damage to the back end, as the front end is raised off the ground.

2. Special trailers

Special trailers may be used to accommodate machinery and equipment that cannot be put on a flatbed and which may need extra protection from the elements. It can also keep machinery and equipment private; this is a good choice for prototype equipment. However, special permits are often required for special trailers, and you need to ensure they are legally allowed on the roadways the transport company will be using. Trailers can add significant weight to your load and may be over the legal limit of certain roads and may not fit under certain overpasses.

3. Towing

Machinery towing can be a good choice for many pieces of equipment as there is no need to load it onto a flatbed, and it doesn't add weight or size to your equipment. Specialty towing companies will have a variety of trucks available to tow larger pieces and may also assist with the proper covering to keep it protected from the elements. They may also assist with ensuring the tires are able to handle being towed and that the gearbox is also prepared. This can be a cost-effective and easy way of transporting your machinery and equipment.

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